At the start of this dramatic video, you might think you’re watching a couple’s camera being stolen…But that is far from the truth.

The man in the video is a Thai fisherman who’s being hailed a hero after he came to the rescue of an elderly Norwegian couple who had become trapped in waist-high mud by the shore of the Krabi River.

The drama unfolded after the tourists had been taking pictures of birds along the shore of the river, only to find themselves trapped in mud when trying to make their way back up to the road. Shortly after they became stuck, the fisherman spotted them and hurried to help them out, first getting their expensive photography equipment to safe ground before trying his hardest to get them unstuck. At one point he even risked his own safety by lying down and getting his whole body dirty so that the stuck tourists could use it as a plank to pull themselves out of the mud. Luckily it worked, and as you can see in the video, everyone got out safely!

We need more people like that amazing man in the world.

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This Is NOT How You Should React When You See A Shark. You Should Run.

Two people were playing in the beautiful ocean when, all of the sudden, they had a visitor.

A group of people staying at the Silver Beach Towers penthouse in Destin, FL, spotted the friends in the water. They also noticed a huge shadow trailing behind them. It became apparent that a hammerhead shark was getting closer and closer to the two vacationers. You won’t believe what the pair did about it. 


(via Scott McCain)

The onlookers were shouting for the men to get out of the water and finally they listened. Thankfully, the hammerhead seemed to be more interested in munching on a small stingray instead of the people.

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Two Friends Lip-Sync Their Mothers' Every Day Conversations, And It's Hysterical.

In July we shared a video made by two friends who have a comedy channel on YouTube called The Kloons. In the video the two friends recorded one of their mothers having an every day conversation with her sister, then they decided to re-enact the whole thing, lip-syncing everything the two elderly women had talked about. The end result was absolutely hilarious… So much so that they decided to do it again!

So without further ado, here’s the second video of “Sisters”:

(Source: The Kloons)

The gasp at the lack of an HBO subscription had me laughing hard. Props to the lady for being a True Detective fan…well or True Detectives as she called it, specifically stating the plural.

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A Couple Found This Dying Baby Fox And Nursed It Back To Health.

A husband and wife discovered a baby fox stuck in a field and in dire need of help. The poor little fox was severely dehydrated, weak, and had a bloody wound to its neck.

Luckily, the wife is a veterinarian, and the couple are both vaccinated against rabies. They opted to bring the injured fox pup back to their house, where they could nurse it back to health.

After a few days of the fox’s recovery, the couple took it to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Virginia.  It spent six months in an outside area, getting bigger and stronger before ultimately being released back into the wild.

(Source: Beau Ouimette)

What a cute little fox. I’m so thankful these good people found it and got it the help it needed.

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